Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers

Q. What process do you use to select a buyer regarding financial ability to make payments, carry insurance, and all expenses of the coach?

We verify the employment and the stability of the job, confirm their yearly salary, and whether they are home owners or not. All of these prerequisites are taken into account and we determine the max payment that each buyer can afford.

Q. Payments are made directly from the buyer. What if he misses a payment? Who covers the payment and what happens to my unit?

The buyer pays you 3 payments up-front, which are yours to us toward any purpose. At the end of the agreement, the buyer does get his 3 payments back. However, if the buyer fails to make a payment, you have already collected 3 payments to use for the next 3 months

Q. My registration are due on my unit. How do I go about renewing it and getting it to the buyer?

The buyer is responsible for everything, including renewal of the registration. You may purchase and wait to be reimbursed, or wait till you receive the money and then obtain the renewal. Afterwards, mail them to the buyer.

Q. If the Motorhome is repossessed or surrendered, how is that accomplished?

We understand that situations like these may occur. In the event that a repossession is likely, we hire a repossession company in the area to pick up the unit, hold it at their yard, and then we pick it up from them. We do cover all the charges for recovering the unit. After that, we re-market the unit and find another buyer while payments are still being made to you.


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